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Vertical Adventures Competition Teams

The Vertical Adventure Competitive Climbing Teams are for those athlete who desire to challenge themselves through competition climbing. As a Team Vertical member, climbers transition mentally and physically from ‘climbers’ to ‘athletes-in training.’ For most of these athletes, climbing is their primary sport. Because Team practices are more intense and require a higher commitment, Vertical Adventures does require each athlete to carry a facility membership. Our Competitive Teams also require a higher level of commitment from athletes and families. First and foremost, climbing should be fun and enjoyable. We work tirelessly to keep the climbing environment fun and supportive for our Teams.

Practices start August 22nd, and  run through USA Youth National Championships in July (if athlete qualifies). There are two season in competition climbing, bouldering (rope-less climbing) runs from September to February, and sport climbing (climbing using ropes) is from March to July.


This level is for young athletes 6-11, based on USA Climbing age category D, who are just starting their path to competition climbing or are relatively new to climbing and show an extra-ordinary aptitude. Their goal is to work toward Team Vertical. Owing to their ages, they will work hard but have lots of fun. The coaches will emphasize healthy and sustainable training by teaching injury prevention, stretching, and conditioning as part of our method. These athletes will start to learn focus and to think of themselves as an athlete. They will benefit from practicing alongside Team Vertical on their scheduled practices, athletes should climbing another 1-2 times per week with parents, friends or Team members.

Head Coach: Michael Fisher
Practices: Monday and Wednesday 6-8
Ages: 6-11 Based on USA Climbing age categories
Cost: $125 per month
Startup Fee: $30 (includes 2 Team shirts)

  • VA Membership is required for all PreTeam members
  • USA Climbing Membership
  • Compete in 2 local competitions per season (including all at VA)
  • Signed code of conduct from athlete and parents.
  • Successful Tryouts


  • Pre-Team members receive 30% off of most gear purchases.

Team Vertical

These athletes should be strong technical climbers working toward a mastery of climbing skills with special emphasis placed on perfecting and refining the advanced skills required for national competitions. Poise, grace, agility, and determination are strong characteristics of these athletes. We will cultivate leaderships skills, as well as personal assessment, evaluation, and goal setting. Injury prevention and mental training at this level.

Team members are required to compete in two locals and the regional championships in each season. Their goal should be to qualify for the Divisional Championships and work toward Nationals. They may be asked to travel out of state for divisional championships and other competitions when appropriate. Team athletes are representatives of VA and are required to conduct themselves professionally and with excellence at all times. Coaches will emphasize injury prevention, antagonist training and mental readiness. In addition to scheduled practices, athletes should climb another 1-2 times per week.

Head Coach: Kory Cooper-Fenske
Assistant Coach: Quinn Kellogg
Practices: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6-9pm
Ages: 9-19
Cost: $175/month
Startup: $30 (includes 2 shirts)

  • Successful try-out
  • Vertical Adventures Membership
  • 2 Local Competitions per season (including all at VA)
  • Compete in USA Climbing Regional Championships
  • Signed code of conduct from athlete and parents
  • USA Climbing Membership


  • Team Vertical members receive 30% off of most gear purchases.

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