Vertical Adventures

Belay Cards

All Climbers must display their own belay card visibly on their harness at all times when:

  • Top Rope Belaying
  • Bouldering
  • Lead Climbing or Lead Belaying.

To get your card… climbers must complete a bouldering orientation, pass our belay check for top rope belaying, or complete a more rigorous “lead” check for lead climbing and belaying. We appreciate that climbers come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, so we do not require a specific belay method. Still, we do require all belayers at Vertical Adventures to use their gear in a way that is consistent with the equipment manufacturer’s instructions and climbing wall industry best practices.

Temporary Cards… Don’t be surprised if we issue you a day card and ask that you re-test during your next visit. Top rope belay tests are free, and we give them anytime. Once we are confident with your knowledge, we will issue you a card that you can keep. Please note that your belay card is not a certification, only an indication to other climbers and staff that a you have demonstrated a willingness and ability to use your equipment properly. Make sure to observe the facility rules, Vertical staff reserve the right to restrict any climbers or belayers from top rope and/or lead climbing at any time.

Top Rope – During our Top Rope belay check, climbers must demonstrate: Properly tying-in to their harness with a figure-8 follow through knot. Proper belay technique with a dedicated ‘brake hand’ that never leaves the brake rope during a simulated ascent, fall and lowering of a climber.

Lead Climbing – During our Lead Climbing belay test, climbers must demonstrate smart climbing decisions with a willingness and ability to follow the Vertical Adventures rules. To pass the Lead test, climbers must: Lead a climb of 5.9 or greater and take a lead fall. Belay a climber, catch a lead fall, and lower the climber from the top anchors.

** Lead test may take 15-20 minutes, so we cannot offer lead tests during our busy times (typically 5-9pm M-F).

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