Vertical Adventures

Adaptive Ascents Camp

Give adventure, excitement, energy, and bragging rights

to your child this summer.

Interested in trying out a new sport or excited to take your climbing skills to the next level? Then join us for the Adaptive Climbing Summer Camp.

The Adaptive Climbing Summer Camp offers a 5 day climbing experience for any youth climber with a disability. During the program, participants will be introduced to the various styles of climbing. With the help of the coaching staff, climbers will build confidence, gain strength and flexibility and have fun while finding success and overcoming obstacles in their own unique way. Each week there will be a different theme to base crafts and games around- kids may want to come to all three!

  • $177
  • 3 Session; each 1 week long; 9am-1pm
  • Each session has a unique theme to keep the entire summer fresh and engaging.
  • Ages 7 and up.
  • VA provides snacks, please send campers with a sac lunch

Under The Sea

June 13th-17th

Come join us for a week of sea life exploration. We will explore many different creatures from starfish to dolphins.

Space Odyssey

July 11th-15th

Blast off with us as we explore our solar system, learn moon walk and much more.

Crag Critters

August 1st-5th

Come explore the life of bugs and what you will find at your local climbing crag!

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